William Woolf




group work

participatory performance


I like it when conclusions aren’t jumped to, co-ordinates aren’t set, borders aren’t bristling with patrols, hearts aren’t set in stone & minds haven’t turned to goo.

I like it when we’re unconvinced & curious, courageous & intriguing, entirely smitten & taking it all with a hefty pinch of salt.

I like to work & play with the creative edge, where what we think we know is questioned, where who we thought we were gives way to who we are becoming. 

I like to work & play with people, with time & space, with movement & stillness, sound & silence, light & shade, ice & fire, with knowing & not knowing, with paradox & possibility, pushing & resistance, effort & effortlessness, reverence & irreverence, sincerity & mischief.

I like to challenge preconceptions.

I live to learn.